Toronto, ON – Each year the organizers of the Miss Ukrainian Canada determine a specific humanitarian goal of the contest. During their reign, the winners of the

Miss Ukrainian Canada are given the tools to provide humanitarian efforts in accordance with the chosen humanitarian objectives.

The humanitarian objective for 2016 is to support the “Sumy Culinary Hundred” (Сумська Кулінарна Сотня) – a Sumy-based volunteer organization consisting of women who help Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO zone by preparing dry home-cooked meal i.e. Ukrainian borscht, soup, porridge, necessary dried fruits and vegetables. They package and pack dry ingredients in portions (1 pack – 10 liters of fresh cooked borscht). By today, this organization has prepared food for about 80,000 soldiers.

To continue its work, this organization needs external support: to purchase more vegetables and equipment (dryers) to increase its capacity. It also needs additional funding to cover monthly expenses for electricity use. Miss Ukrainian Canada has decided to support this great initiative through various activities. Thus, the Sumy Culinary Hundred is our humanitarian partner for 2016: Ukrainian women of Canada to support Ukrainian women in Sumy in their much needed volunteer work.

Learn more about the Sumy Culinary Hundred here (available in Ukrainian only): https://www.facebook.com/armycook

Date: October 22, 2015


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