Roksolana Bogutska’s new collection SS 2018 will be showcased at Miss Ukrainian Canada 2018 Grand Finale on July 15th, 2018. Tickets can be purchased here.


Woman…. Dress…. Tradition….  Modern silhouette…  Seems like a common set of words but these words determine the success of Roksolana Bogutska brand.  Fashion by designer from Lviv, Roksolana Bogutska had gone beyond Galicia long ago and is now known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. 

Inspiration by Cossacks’ embroidered fabric and leather goods, Borschiv shirts and Hutsul sleeveless vests had led to formation of Roksolana Bogutska characteristically ethnic style. She mainly uses motifs of folk craft of Western Ukrainian regions, but even when her collections are inspired by other sources, there is the obvious influence of Hutsul and Podolsk, where Galician costumes are evident in accessories and cut. This artist does not simply replicate direct ethnographic sample, she transforms it in accordance with the needs of particular design or collection.

But ethnic motif is only a finish. How does creation of a new collection begins? Two basic principles prevail Roksolana Bogutska in the beginning process. It is general idea and the silhouette, later acquiring greater or lesser intensity, that are evident in all her design collections, combining both. With experience also comes the understanding of importance of excellent product, design that does not only look beautiful on a woman, but also make her feel confident and at ease in her new attire. Acquired attraction to certain practicality manifests itself in evolution from skirts and jackets to various dresses.

Having been successful in Ukrainian market, the brand Roksolana Bogutska managed to win over the affection and recognition abroad.  Roksolana Bogutska is in constant search for new edges of national culture. This is what’s expected from Ukrainian designers: skill and ingenuity, utilizing history and culture, generously offered to them. Therefore, designer is invited and awaited with collections at the international fashion weeks, particularly in the EU, Canada, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and are sought out by magazines with elite fashion reputation.  Bogutska’s designs are published on the pages of the top publications along with Chanel, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana.

Source: Yelena Yakimova – Zdioruk for InLoveMag.

Miss Ukrainian Canada Fashion Show is an integral element of the Grand Final that elevates fashion to extravagant performance. Transforming the stage of Hammerson Hall into a runway spectacular, it aims to push the limits of creativity when combining dynamic fashion shows, great music and visual effects. It showcases some of the latest fashion trends for the upcoming year provided by renowned and emerging Ukrainian and Canadian designers.