1. Pre-Selection (shortlisting candidates based on their applications)
  2. Semi-Final (selecting National Finalists based on an individual interview)
  3. Grand Final (selecting winners, awarding ceremony)


  1. Introduction
  2. Ukrainian Costume
  3. Talent Presentation
  4. Social Project
  5. On-Stage Interview

INTRODUCTION. We expect all Finalists to submit a 3-minute self introduction video. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and to tell about your community, city, Province, your personal objectives and motivation to participate in the contest, about your hobby, talent, professional and personal achievements.

  • Judges are looking for: great communication & presentation skills, creativity, originality and your potential to become a positive role model.

UKRAINIAN COSTUME. We expect you to make a research and submit a short essay (length: 1 page) about your chosen authentic Ukrainian costume representing a certain region of Ukraine. At the Grand Finale, you will showcase your costume on stage – in a group and individually.

  • Judges are looking for: completeness & accurateness of information, clear structure, knowledge and depth of understanding about the costume specifics and its role in Ukrainian culture.

TALENT PRESENTATION. This area of competition is optional and is not included in the total score; however, we highly encourage you to participate as you may make yourself truly stand out from the competition. All talents must be presented at the Semi-Final Audition (via Skype or in person). Based on the creativity, originality and overall artistic impression, the Organizing Committee will shortlist a limited number of talent acts which will be showcased at the Grand Finale. A finalist with the highest score received at the Grand Finale will win the Miss Talent award.

  • Judges are looking for: originality, creativity, good technical skills, and overall artistic impression.

SOCIAL PROJECT. The Finalists are expected to create a short video introducing the idea of a certain social initiative (humanitarian, volunteer) that is Ukraine-related and aims to support an individual/group of individuals, organization or the Ukrainian community in Canada or Ukraine. The winner will be awarded with a monetary prize to implement the proposed project and the title – Miss Best Social Project.

  • What is evaluated: Relevance, Objectives, Impact, Feasibility and Efficiency

ON-STAGE INTERVIEW. During the Grand Finale show, you will be asked a question (or a few questions) about general topics, including but not limited to, arts, culture, your Ukrainian Canadian lifestyle, professional and personal achievements, volunteer experience, community life, etc. The answer can be given in either English or Ukrainian.

  • Judges are looking for: ability to articulate your opinion on the issue, intelligence, creativity, sense of humor, stage presence, confidence, and high comfort level in speaking before a large audience.

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