Ukrainian Designer Olha Navrotska Presented her Capsule Collection “Mavka”

Olga Navrotskaya, costume designer for ‘Mavka. The Forest Song’, presented the first official capsule collection titled MAVKA to the Ukrainian audience. Feminine silhouettes of silk dresses and blouses are decorated with flowers and ornaments, which were used in Mavka’s outfit in the  teaser and will appear in the film itself. “Our Mavka is an ancient and mystical creature; she can be changeable like nature itself. She is day and night, flower fields and green forest, fire, and water. In my dresses, I tried to reflect the feeling of Mavka’s world and image through the combination of fairy tale ornaments and floral elements. This is how six dresses, six moods, and states appeared,” said Olga Navrotskaya, explaining the concept of her new collection. The capsule collection is devoted to the first Ukrainian animated film MAVKA. 

The first teaser was released earlier today in Ukraine, though there are still almost two years left till the animation feature premiere. “Our teaser is more about ambiance than plot. Its objective is to immerse the audience in the unusual forest world of Mavka, to let the viewers meet the protagonist, to show her magic connection with nature and demonstrate Mavka’s Willow. We’ll also denote several unique features of the project: Mavka’s tattoos in the form of pagan runes, which illuminate when she hears Lukash’s music; a unique outfit created by nature itself (but in reality carefully thought out by Olga Navrotskaya) and, of course, music from ‘DakhaBrakha’ based on a Ukrainian folk song, a vesnyanka (a song calling the spring in). This soundtrack is among the main components of our teaser; it helped us a lot with demonstrating the authenticity and spirituality of our future project. And so that the audience knows the film will have a light side to it – we’ve inserted a little gag with Swampy,” says Iryna Kostyuk, project producer.