VYTOKY special fashion show at 2015 Ukrainian Fashion Week

This season, for the second time already within Ukrainian Fashion Week, there will be presented “VYTOKY” project together with “Novy Channel”. At the second floor of Mystetskyi Arsenal the organizers will create an interactive exposition, within which there will be held fashion shows, educational programmes and performances. The Project will be dedicated to the traditional material culture of Ukrainians from the origin till nowadays. Apart from the traditional garments the exposition will also present accessories, music instruments, pieces of furniture, ancient photos from private collections of Ukrainian connoisseurs in symbiosis with works by contemporary Ukrainian artists and object designers, who reinterpret Ukrainian traditions and materials and create conceptual works. The project’s exposition will be built on the counteraction and contrast of contemporary art objects, pieces of design and traditional Ukrainian antique items.

The last day of the project will attract about 300 guests for a large-scale fashion show, which will unite 2 designer brands working in ethnic style, as well as a collection of ancient clothes presented by the Centre of the History of the Costume under the guidance of Marichka Kvitka. The collection of womenswear of diverse historical-ethnographic regions of Ukraine will be presented by participants of a popular TV show “Supermodel Po-Ukrainsky” (“Ukrainian Supermodel”).

Curators of “VYTOKY” project: a gallery owner and art-manager Maryna Shcherbenko, folklore specialist and ethnographer Maria Kvitka. Partner of the project: TSUM Kyiv.

Media-support to the project will be accorded by radio “Vesti” and newspaper “Den’”.
Authentic garments from private collections have been provided by Yuriy Melnychuk, Volodymyr Shchybrya, Olena Skrypka, Liudmyla Sivtseva-Klymuk, Igor Perevertnyuk, Natalia Chabanyuk, Vitaliy Provolovsky, Bogdan Petrychuk, Oleksandr Volovodovsky, Afanasyevs family (“Open Coffer” collection) and Hanna Yarovenko.

Source: http://fashionweek.ua/